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IT Solutions

Information is the life's blood of your company, regardless of what business you are in. Information courses through your company's communication arteries, bringing life to every aspect of the business. Production needs to communicate with Purchasing. Marketing needs information from Production. They all need to talk to Accounting and Finance. Digital information is the common language they use.

Today's technology offers new ways to improve your ability to communicate within your organization, with your suppliers, and with your customers—from one end of the value chain to the other. Information technology offers new and exciting ways to transfer and use information to create a competitive advantage.

At CBIG we understand this new technology—not just as technologists would, but as businesspersons should. CBIG's principals have a rare combination of experience for a management consulting firm—Technology and Business. CBIG's principals each have over 20 years of business experience, including marketing, sales, production, and operations management. They understand the dynamics, the responsibilities, and the challenges of running a business, of being responsible for the bottom line. They also understand the technology of the Internet, telecommunications, and applications design and development. They know intuitively how these different parts must be combined to create practical solutions to business challenges and to build a winning strategy.

CBIG understands information technology and business, and uses the power of information to put them to work for you.
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