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UKG Solutions

CBIG, LLC is an information management consulting company based in Concord, NH and has been working with UKG products for over 15 years. CBIG’s staff of software developers, database experts, business analysts, and project managers has a wide range of technical and application-level capabilities with the UKG Workforce Central™ suite of products. CBIG's UKG customer engagements range from small custom report development projects to full-scale implementations and upgrades. CBIG also provides UKG system support as a managed service for customers who have limited resources in their IT department.

CBIG's UKG engagements often include developing complex custom Workforce Scheduler™ reports, interfacing Workforce Timekeeper™ with third-party scheduling software, converting legacy custom Crystal reports to Microsoft Reporting Services (RDL), developing interfaces to third-party applications, and extracting and analyzing labor data to support audits. On implementation projects, our consultants often assist customers with non-technical, but vital, aspects of the implementation process such as business process design, policy review, operating procedure development, and documentation. CBIG uses its in-depth knowledge of the application and its underlying data structures to answer our clients' most complex business questions, such as: What is the incremental cost of overtime caused by certain employee behaviors? If we change our policy, what will be the incremental cost or savings? Where does our existing system configuration conflict with our union contracts?

  • Implementations and Upgrades
  • Integration / Interfaces
  • Custom Reporting
  • Business Consulting/Project Management
  • Managed Services
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