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Managed Services

Corporate Intranets

In order to create a strategic advantage, companies need access to critical information - from anywhere, at anytime. By integrating Internet technology with the security of your own network, CBIG can help your company create a corporate portal to serve as a foundation for your corporate knowledgebase, decision support system, business-to-business extranet, and more. Intranet/extranet applications make it easier for users to access the data and information they need to increase productivity. Organizations can realize an immediate return on their investment by streamlining and automating workflow, collecting information on-line, reporting on data from disparate systems, and managing documents efficiently. Integrating Web services and leveraging Microsoft's .NET framework technology allows companies to more seamlessly integrate their systems with those of their clients, trading partners, and suppliers to create additional productivity gains. These systems are often integrated with public Web sites, making them more powerful and productive than ever.

Corporate intranet and portal development services are one of CBIG's core capabilities, and include the following services:

  • Database engine design and development
  • Site layout and graphics design
  • Programming (HTML, ASP, Java, .NET, MS SharePoint)
  • Content organization
  • Interface design and implementation
  • Web services integration
  • Custom intranet/extranet application development
  • Workflow automation application development
  • Decision support system integration
  • Automated messaging to support business processes and workflow
  • Site hosting and application support and maintenance  
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