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Managed Services

IT Staff Outsourcing

If your IT Department is operating at peak efficiency, you don’t always have a surplus labor pool to draw upon when an unexpected personnel shortage arises from prolonged illness, accidents, or other circumstances. Perhaps you have an urgent project or one of your acquisitions has expanded in scope and created more of a demand on your staff than expected. CBIG can provide the resources to help you fill this temporary IT personnel gap and help you keep your projects on track.

For over a decade CBIG has filled both the long- and short-term staff augmentation needs of our customers with skilled, hard-working and experienced staff. Short-term staff augmentation through outsourcing is traditionally a wise choice in uncertain economic times when compared to increasing your permanent staff size.

Although Project Management is our most popular IT outsourcing assignment, CBIG has filled staff augmentation roles in all of our primary service areas. Whether your need for CBIG’s specialized skills is for a week or a year, we guarantee that you will appreciate the contribution that CBIG staff make to your IT team.

In addition to Project Management, CBIG provides IT support in these areas:

  • PC Support Services
  • IT Audit
  • WAN Management
  • Programming
  • Systems Analysis
  • Time and Attendance Systems
  • Web Development
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