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Mergers and Acquisitions

For most enterprises, Mergers and Acquisitions represent a stressful time for managers, especially in Operations and IT Departments. There are usually different networks, payroll systems, ERP systems, application software, different business systems to reconcile, and different policies and procedures among the merged entities.

CBIG can help reduce the stress using a proven formula for success – study the change, map the information flows, leverage technology, and sweat the details. CBIG knows that meshing diverse business organizations together centers on Information Management, and bringing the data streams together to interact appropriately, at the right place and time. Our M&A Project Managers can rely on our experienced business analysts, HR/Payroll specialists, application developers, network engineers, and the latest technology to navigate successful integration of the business and IT systems. We are schooled in the latest change management methodologies.

Successful integration of enterprise operations is not solely about org charts and shift schedule adjustments; it’s about a thousand little details, and some very big ones. It’s about benefit plans, payroll tax interfaces, information network integration, and communication. CBIG brings a perspective to an enterprise integration project that includes analysis of unique opportunities presented by the merger which may not be readily apparent by an overwhelmed management team. Do you roll one company into another’s accounting system, or merge them both into a newer, faster, more efficient system? Do you take this opportunity to replace a slow legacy communications network that has served you well, but is linked to outdated technology? We have the tools and experience to help you make these decisions.

We are experienced, trusted Project Managers. We are light on our feet, and adjust to changes in the program much faster than the traditional management firms. We have a decade of experience leading Mergers and Acquisition projects for Healthcare and Real Estate clients, and have built a reputation for excellence in delivering remote office acquisitions.
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